10 Ways to feel good about yourself

1. While talking about yourself to others, make a point to sound positive:- This I’m telling you out of experience. I have tried this many times. A person who I spoke to about my failure but concluded that it doesn’t matter there are better things in store for me, I wanted to meet that person again without feeling awkward. You tend to believe what you speak out of your mouth so its better to say good things

2. When you’re alone or concentrating on something do not use your mind but your eyes: Our mind is destructive in nature. Its job is to drift us away from our present goal and look into our past or future when we are not sure of either. Focus on your eyes and what you see, you will find being more productive and naturally feeling good about yourself

3. Keep your house or at least your room clean: Being organized can keep us very organized in the head as well. Try it!

4. Keep yourself clean and dress well even if you’re not going out. You will find you are feeling much more active than usual

5. When you make a commitment, keep them. If you told someone you would be somewhere, turn up, even if you’re feeling otherwise. I am telling you the times I told someone I would do something and don’t end up doing it oh dear lord the guilt kills me. So do me a favor and do exactly what you promised you would. Our mind would tell us 10 reasons why you shouldn’t but do it anyway. You don’t have to catch a flight to go to your grandmother’s funeral, do you?

6. Stop using Facebook while you’re working on something important: When you put all your energy on one work or project it takes less time leaving you feeling good about using your time constructively, whereas when you use Facebook, you are practically spending triple the time doing your work because you are dividing your time into something that is not useful at all, hence it leaves you feeling incomplete sort of

7. Believe in your gut feeling: Like this one time, I knew meeting a boy on a date would be a bad idea. My gut told me, but then I thought over it and decided to meet him anyway. Two days ago he tells me how he is only attracted to me and has had a girlfriend for 5 years and they are very serious with each other. I was very upset, not because I met him or kissed him, but the fact that I didn’t believe in my own gut feeling

8. Learn to say no: When you say no to someone, you’re respecting your time and yourself, hence you automatically feel better

9. Call friends over rather then you visiting them all the time: It is a prestige thing that when you keep going to someone’s house for dinners or lunches or whatever, you tend to feel smaller because you’re not giving enough to them. The ones that call you over, ask them to come to your house and prepare a special meal for them. It will leave you feeling much better about yourself!

10. Last but not the least. When you are paying someone for a cab, maid to get something from the market, or a shopkeeper, try and spare a few extra bucks. They work hard to earn that whereas you might have it easy. That small amount might not matter to you but it might lead them to having a great deal of gratitude towards you, which would make you feeling good for some time during the day.


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